3 reasons you need to switch to Truthpaste!


If you’ve had a scroll through our store, you’ve probably noticed that we stock ‘Truthpaste’. Now before you ask, we can ensure you this isn’t a typo, Truthpaste is revolutionising the way we look after our oral health, and we’ve got three fantastic reasons why you need to make the switch from toothpaste to Truthpaste today!

1. It’s so much better for the environment

The Truthpaste team have a fantastic page on their website which they call ‘The Truth‘. This is basically their manifesto of how they plan to make the world a better place through replacing toothpaste with Truthpaste.

Two of their manifesto pledges are:

  1. Committed to using zero waste and recyclable packaging
  2. Ensuring that farming and production of our ingredients causes no harm to the planet

We rate that. Highly. And so should you! Many toothpastes come in un-recycled and un-recyclable containers which will ultimately end up in landfill. Truthpaste are committed to using zero waste and recyclable packaging through their little glass jars, and ensuring that the entire supply chain through which they source their ingredients causes no harm to planet earth.

2. Uses only sustainable ingredients

Truthpaste want you to know that what you’re putting in your mouth, to keep those pearly whites sparkling, has no dark, hidden secrets.

All of their ingredients are sourced from sustainable farmers and manufacturers, and they do everything they can to make sure as many ingredients as possible are organic!

Truthpaste are also incredibly honest, open and up-front about all the ingredients in their products, so you can have a look at exactly what’s inside.

3. Never tested on animals

No animal deserves to suffer for the sake of us humans. Something us here at No 29, and our friends at Truthpaste are passionate about.

That’s why we’re, therefore, so pleased that no Truthpaste products have EVER nor will EVER be tested on animals.

So if that’s not given you three incredible reasons to switch from toothpaste to Truthpaste, why not check out the full range of fantastic flavours we stock and make the switch today!


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