DALIT Candles: Look good, smell good, do good.
Dalit Candles | No 29. Natural Soaps


  • Dalit Candles | No 29. Natural Soaps
  • Dalit Candles | No 29. Natural Soaps
  • Dalit Candles | No 29. Natural Soaps
  • Dalit Candles | No 29. Natural Soaps
  • Dalit Candles | No 29. Natural Soaps

Before Christmas, No 29. Natural Soaps took stock of a whole range of new candles made by the Dalit Goods Co. These are beautiful, hand-crafted candles which look fantastic, smell divine and do incredible good. Find out how by reading on…

Who are the Dalit Goods Co.?

The Dalit Goods Co. are a company with a difference, who are burning with a passion to improve the lives of the poor in India.

The company was formed to raise awareness of the work of Life Association and the plight of the Dalit people of India. Life Association is a UK registered charity No. 1115262 who for 20 years have been building and managing schools and children’s homes in India.

They are committed to the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility in every area of Dalit Goods and combine western design with eastern skill to achieve this.

Who are the Dalit people?

For over 3000 years the Dalits – or Untouchables – have been positioned at the bottom of India’s society and are subject to the most aggressive and dehumanising abuse. They are born into a culture that devalues them from birth with society considering them lower than animals. The term ‘Dalit’ literally translates to downtrodden or oppressed and there are 250 million Dalits who are exposed to this injustice.

Find out more at dalit.co.uk/the-dalit-people

How do these candles help?

We want to spread the word that our Dalit candles are so much more than just a candle. You are not just purchasing a candle, you are supporting some of the poorest people in the world. 

The candle pots are made from the best potting clay in India, source from Calcutta and transported to Mumbai where a community of 300 potters puddle it by foot in pits until the consistency is just right.

The pots are then hand thrown before being fired in a brick kiln furnace powered by recycled fabric.

The blended beeswax is then poured by hand into the pots, sometimes up to three times, to avoid air bubbles.

How do I get hold of these?!

Our entire range of DALIT candles are available to shop now!


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