Essential Oils Part 1: Rose Geranium


In the first in a series of blog posts about our brand new collection of No. 29 Essential Oils, we’re taking a look at our Rose Geranium essential oil, what you could use it for, and the benefits it has!

What is Rose Geranium?

Rose Geranium, also known as Sweet Geranium, is a flower species native to the most southern parts of Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique etc. It has beautifully delicate pink petals which exude the most wonderful rosey, floral aromas.

How is this turned into Essential Oil?

All parts of the plant including the flower, petals, stems and leaves are boiled up. The steam, which then carries the concentraded essential oil and aromas is then distilled and bottled. No added extras, only the good stuff.

What is Rose Geranium Essential Oil good for?

Rose Geranium essential oil is a mild astringent, suitable for all skin types. It has balancing and relaxing properties and may even help stabilise emotions. It can be used as a lice and mosquito repellent.

How should I use it?

As mentioned, the oil you receive is a 100% natural and highly concentrated, so you should dilute to 5% or less in carrier oil before applying to your skin. We’d also recommend you take a look at our advice on how to safely and properly use essential oils here.


You can get your hands on a bottle of our Rose Geranium Essential Oil here:


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