Essential Oils Part 3: Sweet Orange


In the third in our series of blog posts about our brand new collection of No. 29 Essential Oils, we’re taking a look at our Sweet Orange essential oil, what you could use it for, and the benefits it has!

What is Sweet Orange?

Sweet Orange Essential Oil or Citrus sinensis as it’s known properly, is also referred to as simply Orange Oil as it quite literally comes from the sweet oranges we are used to enjoying as a sweet, citrusy treat!

How is this turned into Essential Oil?

Unlike many other essential oils, including those in our collection, Sweet Orange Essential Oil is expressed rather than steam distilled. According to, most citrus oils including Orange Oil are extracted by cold pressing the rinds of the orange. You will sometimes find a steam distilled variety on the market, but it is fairly uncommon.

What is Sweet Orange Essential Oil good for?

In the Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless, it is stated that Sweet Orange oil is fantastic for a whole range of uses including:

  • treating and managing symptoms of colds and flu
  • easing constipation
  • brightening dull skin
  • helping control flatulence
  • fighting the causes of sore gums and other oral probems
  • speeding up slow digestion
  • easing stress

How should I use it?

The oil you receive is 100% natural and highly concentrated, so you should dilute to 5% or less in a carrier oil before applying it to your skin. We’d also recommend you take a look at our advice on how to safely and properly use essential oils here.


You can get your hands on a bottle of our Sweet Orange Essential Oil here:


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