How save money and water by reusing your greywater at home


Greywater reuse is a great way to reduce water consumption. There are many ways to reuse greywater, such as using it for irrigation, washing cars, or even flushing toilets. In fact, greywater reuse can help you save up to 50% on your water bill! In the UK alone, the average household spends £396.60, so making the most of greywater could save you some serious money.

What is greywater?

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Greywater is gently used water from your bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines. It is not water that has come into contact with feces, either from the toilet or from washing diapers.

This makes greywater perfect for a whole host of jobs around the house, that doesn’t necessarily require clean, purified water, and so save the need for you to use water from the tap!

How do I reuse greywater?

There are a number of different ways to reuse greywater at home. You can use it for watering plants, washing cars, or even flushing toilets. Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Irrigate your plants using greywater.

Greywater is high in nutrients and can help your plants grow faster. Simply add it to your irrigation system before turning on the taps.

2. Wash your car using greywater.

Greywater is great for washing your car! It contains very little dirt and bacteria, so though it’s not crystal clear, will still do a fantastic job of bringing back the shine to your vehicle. Add it to your car’s washing machine along with soap and detergent, and you’re ready to go!

3. Flush your toilets using greywater.

If you’ve got a composting toilet, you can also flush it with greywater to help break down the waste material. Simply fill up the toilet with fresh greywater before going to the bathroom!


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