Almond Milk & Sea Salt Hair Mask


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Treat your hair to the soft, moisturising Hair Mask it deserves that combines several moisturising oils and butters to leave your hair feeling amazing. Using some COSMOS Certified organic ingredients, our hair masks are suitable for all hair types and can be left in for up to 20 minutes to really get vitamins and moisture in to your hair. A blend of Lemon Flower, Sea Salt, Almond Milk, Coconut, Melon Blossom and more leaves your hair with a subtle but stunning scent Our Hair Mask ingredients include: Shea Butter – Packed full of Vitamin A & E which brings moisture and shine to your hair Avocado Oil – One of the few ingredients which can actually penetrate your hair and moisturise rather than sitting on top, also helps strengthen hair. Olive Oil – Preserves moisture and adds shine Sunflower Oil – Antioxidants and Vitamin E will nourish and sooth dry hair and scalps Coconut Oil – Moisturises, nourishes and prevent protein loss for strong, healthy hair Jojoba Oil – Full of vitamins and minerals that strengthens, thickens and moisturises Aloe Vera – Repairs dead skin cells on the scalp and adds moisture and shine to hair


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