SCRUBBER • Ylang and Rose Natural Deodorant

Scrubber’s Ylang & Rose scented deo stick combines the warm, almost fruity fragrance of Ylang Ylang with the darker floral scent of Rose. It has undertones of sweet jasmine and vanilla.

Extra Sensitive with no Bicarbonate of Soda.


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This eco-friendly deodorant stick uses natural ingredients to provide day long freshness and protection against body odour.

Rather than using harsh chemicals and pore-clogging anti-perspirants, Scrubber deodorant uses 100% natural and organic ingredients which are much healthier for your body.

A combination of soothing oils and butters form the base of the deodorant. Naturally occurring antibacterial agents neutralise body odour and moisture absorbing natural powders help you stay dry under the arms.


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